Top Advantages of Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

Monumental Windows and Doors takes pride in creating the finest luxury products to fill the spaces in your home. Great care is taken with our highly energy efficient sliding glass doors, starting with our materials—good for your space, and good for the planet. Below we’ve identified the three main advantages of our “green alternative” approach.

#1: Aluminum For Sustainability

Design and materials must be considered closely when manufacturing sustainable windows and doors. Aluminum is an extremely reliable resource that is quite abundant in supply. It makes up about 8 percent of the Earth’s crust and is one of the most recycled commodities on the planet. Monumental Windows and Doors appreciates the non-toxic, inflammable, and non-magnetic qualities that make up aluminum. This makes it incredibly easy and safe to work with while producing high-end products that are also safe for your children and pets.

#2: Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Conserve Energy

What could be even better than placing sustainable windows and doors in your beautiful home? Our answer: environmentally friendly windows and doors that also conserve energy. Aluminum windows and doors have the capacity to exceed normal energy efficient standards. They are engineered using a high performance dual glazing method that creates a thermal break in the framing construction, creating an energy saving exterior that lasts well beyond the average door or window life-span. This level of energy efficiency also provides top comfort year-round—in any climate.

#3: Unique Drainage Systems: Equipped for Inclement Weather and Environmental Changes

Speaking of the climate, your green windows and doors are equipped for any eventuality there too. “They are made to withstand any climate conditions,” says Monumental Product Manager Jeromy Kirsch.

Some homeowners may have concerns about how their windows and doors will react to natural conditions. Our Sublinear Sliding Glass Door Systems feature reverse rolling technology and a built-in drainage system. This unique function prevents any rain, dust, or natural debris from getting into the home by implementing a cyclical technique that collects whatever is caught and pushes it right back outside. How’s that for efficiency?

Purchasing a Monumental product ensures your home is keeping its carbon footprint small and minimizing environmental impact without impacting the high-end results you seek. Monumental Windows and Doors offers a wide range of products for the luxury home buyer or builder. Find out more about your options for the most high-energy efficient windows and doors in our Product Brochure.

Photo credit: D. O'Rourke