Reinvent Your Home’s Style with Exterior Window Design

4580 window wall

It’s easy to overlook exterior window design when upgrading your home, but it’s actually one of the most essential steps in the process. Not only does replacing your old, drafty windows with modern, high-performance ones make for a more efficient and economical home, it also comes with tremendous style upgrades that will give your space a contemporary facelift. There is a lot to consider when choosing new windows, including budget, construction materials, and glass design. We’re here to help turn those daunting decisions into easy, exciting ideas for your changing home.

Modern Exterior Windows Offer Style and More

It’s no secret that modern windows have inherent technological advantages over the window designs of yesteryear. In fact, we’ve talked at great lengths about the advantages of high-performance windows, so let’s focus a little more on the aesthetic advantages of modern windows and how they benefit your home. Your first step in replacing your windows should be  deciding between exterior window frame designs — such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum — because they’re not all created equal. Not only does aluminum offer the best durability and reliability, it’s also the most contemporary design choice for your home. Offering a narrower profile than alternatives, aluminum construction makes way for more glass and bigger views from the interior of your home. The sleek, minimalist design instantly transforms any home, redefining its style and making it the envy of the neighborhood.

Deciding Between Exterior Window Styles

Let’s say you’ve chosen aluminum construction. Now determine the finish and design of your home’s new windows. Another added advantage of aluminum is the availability of lots of different finishes and tons of color options. Additionally, you can choose between anodized and powder-coated, which both offer durable, long-lasting results against the worst weather conditions your region has to offer.

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Highlight Your Home’s Architectural Design

It’s essential to complement your home’s established architectural design with modern exterior windows that help to accentuate its shape, angles, and layout. Whether you have a contemporary home or traditional Colonial-style home, you can incorporate modern exterior window frame designs that highlight its unique features.

For example, open up your modern space and expand the view by adding wall-to-ceiling windows — such as the 4580 Glass Window Wall — to complete your home’s modern aesthetic. If wall-to-ceiling windows don’t mesh with your home’s traditional design, the more traditional, thermally-broken 2100 Series Fixed Window affords you the same benefits of high-performance windows while preserving your home’s unique form.

Consider Your Relationship with Your Surroundings

Connect your home’s interior with its natural surroundings on your own terms, and change your relationship with your environment. Adding a modern, luxury sliding glass door system offers you quick, easy access to your backyard and favorite outdoor activities. Monumental sliding glass doors — such as the 4500 Series Sliding Glass Door, for example — features thermally-broken frames and durable, stylish aluminum to offer your home the economic and aesthetic benefits of modern windows.

Windows may not reach the top of some people’s lists while drawing up remodeling plans for their homes, but they can go a long way in reinventing their style. As window manufacturing has become highly advanced, replacing windows offers you and your home practical benefits beyond appearance. If you want to talk to someone in your area about upgrading your home’s windows, contact us today to get started.