Transform your living space with Sublinear Sliding Glass Door Systems from the top aluminum window and door manufacturers in Southern California, Monumental Windows and Doors. Our luxury, high-end, modern sliding glass doors enhance any home or patio space. Monumental designs all of our window and door products to be both attractive and functional. Enjoy eco-friendly and energy-efficient sliding glass door construction with panels that “disappear” into the floor.

High-end sliding doors from Monumental Windows and Doors are inspired by European style. You’ll get the elegance and refinement of traditional glass doors with the right touch of modern technology, quality, and performance.  

Our aluminum glass door designs include 7/8” slim vertical and sill rails–and flush perimeter sightlines–guaranteeing you the greatest view from your beautiful home. The low profile sill glides just above your flooring with minimal effort and seals against drafts, rain, and bugs. Our perimeter frames are designed to be installed flush with your finished surfaces for a neat, uninterrupted view. All of our sill assembly is comfortable to walk on barefoot with no protruding edges.

Custom configurations are available with the 5000 Series Sublinear Sliding Glass Door System. Let us help you get in touch with the right dealer to create your own awe-inspiring look. Achieve silent operation and a virtually concealed profile to show off those beautiful views.

There’s much more to this unique slim-line sliding glass door system’s inspiring designs: Our patent-pending “reverse rolling system” gives the homeowner the confidence of on-track performance, easy cleaning, and minimal maintenance. Built with California innovation, the Sublinear track assembly disappears into the floor, giving an unbroken Monumental view.

Choose from Slide doors, Pivot doors, or Pocket doors. You design the look and feel of your sliding glass door systems. Custom-made with modern craftsmanship, your experience with Monumental includes timely and swift delivery, making Monumental Windows and Doors a homeowner, architect, and builder’s dream. 

Crafted and manufactured by an American family in our Palm Desert location, the 5000 Series Sublinear Sliding Glass Door System is the most environmentally friendly option on the market. Made with thermally broken aluminum, our sublinear door systems keep out all excess heat, cold, and inclement weather without burdening the climate. Read on to discover additional custom features of these unique door systems.

Roller Cartridge

Our roller cartridge houses twin polyamide precision rollers supporting approximately 350 lbs each. The polyamide wheel offers more quiet and durable operation than its stainless steel counterparts. If necessary, the roller cartridge is serviceable by a single technician without removal of the sliding panel or requiring damage to the surrounding flooring, making maintenance quick and easy.

Reverse Rolling Technology

The 5000 Series Sublinear Sliding Glass Door System works on the patent-pending principle of a reversed rolling assembly. The track, which would normally be part of the sill assembly, is integrated into the bottom of the sliding panel and the roller cartridges are placed into the sill. This creates clean sight lines and extends your view, making it Monumental.

Barefoot Sill

The sill of our Sublinear Sliding Glass Door System is designed to be integrated into the flooring, which runs through to the exterior without raised tracks and remains largely hidden from view. In fact, when the doors are closed, there is no track visible from the exterior.


Minimal Frame

The frame of the 5000 Sublinear Sliding Glass Door System is designed to install flush with interior and exterior finishes, allowing for more views and less visible frames. The panel interlocks and sill both have narrow 7/8” sightlines – all other panel parts can be concealed in the frame.

Glass Packages

Our panels will accommodate 1.50” overall glass thickness, which allows greater flexibility for larger sizes, earthquake proofing, and security/impact glass. Our myriad energy-efficient glass options are produced in America by the most respected suppliers for visual quality and performance.

Frame Finishes

Dark Bronze Anodized (Class 1) and Clear Anodized (Class 1) standard finishes are available. Custom colors and finishes are also available.


We offer numerous configurations including Standard Sliding, Pocketing, Vari-Slide, and Custom-Angle with single and multiple panels. Our sliding Sublinear system will also integrate with our Sublinear Pivot door system.


Our hardware is designed to be convenient, minimal, attractive, and durable. Twin-point locking levers are either concealed or exposed. Multi-point locking hardware is available with our IP Lead-Stile. The system is available with motorization options in all configurations.

Disappearing Screen

An insect screen cartridge is available which “disappears” into the locking jamb. The screen is pleated and folds into a 5” cartridge attached to the jamb. When you want fresh air, you simply slide the door open and pull the screen out. Just close the door and the screen disappears!

5000 Sublinear Pivot System

Pivot doors in the 5000 Sublinear System Series are attached from the top and bottom of the door, as opposed to the sides. This allows a drastically different look and feel because the door rotates on a vertical axis.

Communicate style and exclusivity with our Pivot door option — also fully customizable for the discerning homeowner. Pivot doors also create a much larger entryway and are beautiful options for patios, front doors, master bedrooms and more. 

The Pivot door system can be placed solo or in combination with our other designs. And just as with the standard Sublinear Sliding Glass Door System, it lays flush from both the exterior and interior. You can ignore the nearly invisible frame and soak in every sunset instead.

Sublinear Pivot Door

Designed to integrate with the sliding system, the pivot door is a minimal frame system with a recessed frame assembly, capable of including large panel sizes for non-standard doorways.


Heavy-duty pivoting hardware is standard, with automatic closers optional. Multi-point and electronic locking options are available. All are easy to operate and highly intuitive.


Doors are available as stand-alone options, or they can be placed in combination with fixed or sliding panels in numerous configurations. Anything is possible for your custom projects.

5000 Series CAD
5000 Series Pivot CAD

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