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Benefits of Becoming a MWD Dealer for Aluminum Windows and Doors

At Monumental we have nearly forty years of experience in the fabrication, supply, and installation of custom-made aluminum window and door products. A high-end home isn’t complete without a Monumental view, which is why we are proud to work with licensed glazing contractors and dealers to supply the finest aluminum windows and doors for properties across the southwest United States and beyond. As established commercial manufacturers and suppliers in Southern California with a large dealer network, we can create custom aluminum window and door orders for homes in many large markets including Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Palm Desert, Orange County, and Hawaii—among others.

We understand that a quality product is best appreciated when delivered in a reasonable time, and at a fair price—with no pricing games. That’s why we stock four popular finishes, all offered at the same price, with a two-week fabrication lead-time. We won’t charge a premium for our short lead times, and we don’t offer special pricing tiers to select dealers either. We will never dictate how you price our product. Manufacturing lead times are dependent upon inventory and supplier issues. Our automated and semi-automated equipment allows for fast production and short delivery schedules.

Dealer Requirements

  • Our products are typically sold without glass (KD) to dealers who are licensed glazing contractors and experienced in the fabrication and installation of custom aluminum window and door products.
  • The principal business of any dealer registered with Monumental Windows and Doors must be the retail sale and installation of window & door products.
  • Your business facility must include a warehouse suitable for product storage and delivery.
  • All MWD products must be installed by licensed installers or those who have appropriate training or a minimum of five years’ experience installing aluminum windows and doors.
  • The dealer must also meet insurance requirements.
  • We WILL ask that you present our products in a responsible and professional manner, using application-appropriate products and employing proper installation methods and techniques.

Complete the application form and send it to [email protected] to be considered for our non-exclusive dealer registry.

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Protect & Maintenance

Download our Protection & Maintenance Guide for tips to ensure you get the most benefit from your Monumental Window & Door products. Regular maintenance will offer many years of trouble-free operation.

Failure to follow these guidelines may subject the products to irreparable damage and will void any warranty, stated or implied.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Download our Limited Lifetime Warranty for Single Family Residential Projects for detailed information including product finishes, insulated glass, exclusions, and required maintenance.
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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of purchase and/or sale contained on any request for quotation, purchase order, or other document received from Purchaser are found in this downloadable agreement.

The terms include disclaimers, delivery details, payment information, additional services and purchaser obligations. For more information, contact us.