The 4500 Series Sliding Glass Door from Monumental Windows and Doors is designed with European style and manufactured with California craftsmanship. These luxury sliding glass door systems are far superior to standard commercial gliding doors. Monumental sliding doors are made with durable, environmentally friendly aluminum, thermally broken frames, and are designed to accommodate huge custom glass panels—up to 8 feet wide and 12 feet tall!

Our newly designed flush pulls and latch assembly are made of aircraft quality precision-milled stainless steel, with a large actuator for finger-touch operation. The maximum security laminated hook-lock is an industry standard and has been used for years by commercial door manufacturers to meet strict forced-entry requirements. Numerous configurations are available, along with custom sizing for special projects.

Kitchen sliding door

Luxury Glass Sliding Doors from Monumental 

Sliding glass doors have several advantages over traditional doors. Firstly, they provide a better view and allow more natural light into a room, making it brighter and more inviting. Secondly, they are more space-efficient, as they slide open and do not require any additional clearance for swinging open. Thirdly, they are easier to operate and maintain compared to traditional doors with hinges and handles. Lastly, sliding glass doors can improve a home's energy efficiency by providing better insulation and sealing.

Eco-Friendly, Green Building Options

There are also the clear advantages of our thermally broken aluminum framing. Doors framed with thermally broken aluminum offer several advantages over traditional doors. They provide superior insulation and reduce heat transfer, improving energy efficiency and comfort in a building. They are also more durable and resistant to weathering and corrosion, making them ideal for use in harsh climates. 

Thermally broken aluminum doors are also lightweight and have a sleek and modern appearance, adding aesthetic appeal to a building's design. And finally, they are low-maintenance and require less upkeep compared to traditional doors, making them a cost-effective option in the long-term. Thermally broken aluminum frames are even recyclable, making them the most environmentally friendly choice.

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Product Details

Our 4500 Series Sliding Glass Doors are produced using thermally broken aluminum for better energy efficiency and beautiful durability. The 4.5" block perimeter frame and panels for 1” glazing ensure sturdy installation and lasting durability. A stainless steel track insert provides a stable and corrosion-resistant surface for the door to move smoothly along, ensuring smooth operation of the door. 

All of our 4500 Series hardware is also manufactured using brushed stainless steel. Custom pulls, locks, hardware, and colors are all available — in addition to a myriad of customized configurations for your luxury build.




Our 4500 Series Doors can be produced in numerous configurations including XO, OX, XOX, OXO, XOO, OOX, and OXXO.

  • Maximum panel width: 84"
  • Maximum panel height: 160"

Precision-Bearing Glide Options

The 4500 Series glide options feature precision-engineered stainless steel tandem rollers in three rail sizes:

  • 2.75" bottom rail with EZ Glide rollers
  • 3.5" bottom rail with Super-Glide rollers
  • 4.5" bottom rail with Monumental rollers

Frame Finishes

Select from four color options:

  • Dark Bronze Anodized (Class 1)
  • Clear Anodized (Class 1)
  • Sky White
  • Desert Tan

 Insect Screen

Insect screens are also available in various configurations. Our standard insect screen is a single panel and is placed on the interior of the system, out of the weather and the elements. Keep the bugs outside with minimal alterations to your beautiful view.


The 4500 Series Sliding Glass Door can be motorized (hardwired or wireless) for operation and integrated with a home automation system. Automate your doors for optimal ease of use in a high-end custom home.

 Optional Features

Need a highly specialized product? The options are virtually endless with our California-inspired thermally broken aluminum doors:

  • Easy-Glide Tandem Roller Package
  • Super-Glide Tandem Roller Package
  • Monumental Tandem Roller Package
  • Heavy lockstile
  • Color-coordinated hardware
  • Custom colors
  • Specialty and custom pulls
  • Keyed locks

Featured Install: Casa Norte, Mexico

Casa Norte was featured in Muros – an interior design magazine based in Hermosillo, the capital city of Sonora. Muros, directly translated as “walls,” highlights the architecture and design culture in the state of Sonora.

Product details:


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