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Monumental Windows and Doors Creates Earthquake-Proof Products

Earthquake proof windows and doors

Monumental Windows and Doors specializes in creating luxury products for earthquake-proof homes that are not only captivating to the naked eye but are also safe for the people who inhabit them. It’s common for customers to have questions about earthquakes and environmental changes living in California. Energy efficiency and earthquake-proof construction are two of our top priorities when crafting California windows and doors. And our earthquake-proof windows are made—especially—to withstand the harshest of conditions.

So how do we do it? The answer: our thermally-broken aluminum earthquake-proof building design—incorporating key components that are consistent across the makeup of all our products. Below we’ll break down a few facts about our manufacturing process.

Up First: the Many Strengths of Aluminum

  • Lightweight: Aluminum is extremely lightweight and low in density—and one of the strongest building materials available. Because of its lightweight, a building’s framework is less dependent on supporting itself. When considering seismic architecture, structures that contain aluminum are less affected by earthquakes because the effects of seismic forces are usually proportional to the structure’s weight.
  • Structural strength: Aluminum is 34 times stronger than vinyl and 43 times stronger than wood. Its stability is unmatched, even under extreme weather conditions. Whereas a material like plastic may become weak with temperature changes, aluminum actually becomes stronger and is highly adaptable.
  • Tensile strength: While structural strength is mainly based on aluminum’s capacity to withstand heavy loads, tensile strength has to do with the maximum load the material can withstand under tension. Aluminum structures are highly resistant to deformation caused by climate changes which makes it very durable over long periods of time.
  • Elasticity: Aluminum is naturally very resistant to bending. It’s about 72 times more rigid than wood and 23 times more rigid than vinyl. Because of this, manufacturers are able to design slimmer and more elegant framing without sacrificing strength.
  • Resists the wear and tear of time and temperature: Aluminum truly stands the test of time. It is virtually unaffected by humidity, warping or temperature changes. It does not absorb moisture and will not split, crack or rust. This all makes for stronger, longer and easy maintenance.

Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows: How Does This Make for an Earthquake Safe House?

“Thermally broken” is a term that refers to the type of frame that a window or door occupies. The frames have a lot to do with the overall level of energy efficiency in a home. The process involves creating a break between the exterior and interior of a frame in order to slow down—and essentially prevent—the transfer of heat or cold inside the home. The insulated barrier that is created within the frame serves as a “conductor” of the energy that enters and leaves the home.

The non-corrosive, durable, secure barrier that is generated as a result of this process is what makes this feature the ideal combatant against earthquakes. The resilient combination of a durable element like aluminum paired with advanced thermal-breaking architecture and design makes for an earthquake-safe house built to stand the test of time.

Safety and efficiency are a big part of each blueprint that Monumental brings to life. And we like to be certain not to sacrifice any aspect of the luxury products promised to our clients. Monumental Windows and Doors offers a wide range of windows and doors suited for high-end living, and free from worry or stress about earthquakes. Find out more about your options for earthquake-proof windows and doors in our Product Brochure and contact us with questions.

Photo credit: D. O’Rourke