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Meet the Reversed Rolling Assembly for Sliding Glass Door Systems

Reversed Reversed Rolling Assembly for Sliding Glass Door Systems

In the luxury home space, there are traditional doors . . . and then there are our beautiful sliding glass doors that sink into hidden tracks in your floor. Monumental Windows and Doors has mastered the art of the sublime with the patent-pending Reversed Rolling Assembly. Modern technology is blended seamlessly to create our Sublinear Sliding Glass Door Systems: built for stellar views, and built to last.

What is the Reversed Rolling Assembly?

Monumental Windows and Doors set out to revolutionize the way standard designs were implemented in luxury homes by taking them to the next level. This called for taking risks, utilizing innovation, and embracing new technologies.

The energy-efficient Reversed Rolling Assembly is at the heart of this unique product. The system’s rolling door track is integrated onto a modern sliding glass door panel that creates the illusion of the “invisible” glass door. Roller cartridges—made from polyamide precision rollers—are attached to the “invisible” sills and can support up to 350 lbs each. The remainder of the Sublinear Sliding Door Systems are comprised of aluminum, a sturdy and environmentally friendly metal. These unique sill systems with multiple panels make for easy maintenance and longevity.

How Does the Manufacturing Process Work?

Building luxury glass doors for the home calls for a thorough, high-quality process. Product Manager Jeromy Kirsch with Monumental Windows and Doors spoke a little about the oversight involved in designing our manufacturing operations. Much like building machines or cars, the process used to create the Reversed Rolling Assembly and the full Sliding Door Systems is quite robust and involves many steps.

Kirsch says: “There are a lot of moving parts involved. It’s all one big coordination and we all work together as a finely-tuned team.” The workflow includes:

  • The fabrication process: picking the material, cutting it down to custom size, and selecting the right finish.
  • Packaging and glazing: installing the glass.
  • Quality control: thoroughly checking work orders, with a lengthy final inspection.

“A lot of people don’t realize how hands-on this is. We do have lots of machinery to help us, but at the end of the day, these are essentially hand-made products. These fabricators are really like craftsmen,” says Kirsch. As a family-run company, Monumental Windows and Doors prioritizes the value of a hands-on, rigorous, quality-first approach. This is one quintessential factor that makes them stand out from other competitors in a dynamic industry.

What Can Dealers, Builders, and Architects Expect From Our Products?

These energy-efficient sliding glass door systems are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Because manufacturing is completed before the products leave the Monumental Windows and Doors factory site, dealers and architects can focus on timely installation. We offer 6-10 week lead times for custom-made products.

Environmental Quality, Inclement Weather, and Climate Concerns

Some homeowners, dealers, and architects wonder about how climate and weather conditions could potentially affect the Sliding Glass Door Systems. “Everything in the home stays dry and unaffected by outside debris,” says Kirsch.

The reverse rolling technology is equipped with a built-in drainage system that prevents any rain, dust, or natural debris from getting inside the home. When it rains, the water trickles down into the sill, then drains right back outside.

Cleaning and maintenance on the product is painless as well. Kirsch says: “There’s lots of weather stripping that goes on this door. All cracks and crevices are accounted for. There are rubberized gaskets that cover all opening points where water or debris could enter the home. These are all very easily removable and replaceable. They are made to withstand any climate conditions.”

Monumental certifies all of its products through the NFRC, ASTM, and AAMA to ensure that we meet industry standards.

Monumental Windows and Doors offers a wide range of products for the luxury home buyer or builder. Find out more about your options for new home design trends in our Product Brochure.