Meet The Makers Of Palm Desert’s Monumental Windows and Doors

Monumental Windows and Doors Palm Desert

Headquartered in Palm Desert, California, Monumental Windows and Doors is the premium door and window manufacturer for residential and commercial real estate projects. Since 1983, we have been at the forefront of the latest and greatest in the window and door industry. Today we are the premier supplier and manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient designs for both homes and commercial spaces across California and the Northwest, but our rich history goes much deeper than just high-end, modern sliding glass doors.

From Glass Fittings to Sliding Glass Doors

Since 1983, Monumental has been a booming family business. Mario Hernandez worked alongside his family as a glazer in his father’s window store. The Hernandez family found success in their work, and eventually, Henry Hernandez purchased a second store in the family name. After several years alongside his old man, Mario saved up enough money to buy the business from Henry in 1983. Mario purchased the second store off of his father a few years later.

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In 2011, another opportunity presented itself to Mario. Assets for a California window and door company became available, and Mario jumped at the chance to buy. He had the equipment, the staff, the resources, the experience, and the entrepreneurial spirit. He made the purchase, and Mario Hernandez was officially making a name for himself in the industry. While on vacation, Mario thought up the perfect name for his larger-than-life business: Monumental Windows and Doors.

Creating High-End Sliding Doors For High-End Clients

Today, Monumental’s team prides itself on more than just Palm Desert window and door manufacturing. The real joy in the work comes from our relationships with customers. By creating luxurious, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient products, Monumental has amassed a loyal group of clients, dealers, manufacturers, and employees. We make it our mission to get you the best quality product we can deliver in the shortest amount of time thanks to our semi-automated production and short delivery schedules. In fact, all of our products are custom-created to order. They come in four standard finishes with no additional cost or extended lead-time.

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Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

We also strive to keep our work as good for the environment as it is for your home. That’s why our thermally-broken aluminum windows and doors are among the most energy-efficient in the industry. Not only do we adhere to both NFRC and AAMA standards, but we also use recycled aluminum to make our products. Aluminum doors and windows look great in your residential or commercial space but also do wonders for the environment.

As members of the Monumental family, we’re always here to help you take your next steps to acquire luxury and energy-efficient windows and doors. Whether you’re looking for another model to update your home, or making your first big move with us, we’re certainly happy you’re here. Get started on your search by checking out our Product Brochure to see which Monumental piece belongs in your home, and contact us for your next installation.