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Monumental WD Launches New Sliding Glass Door System

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Creating the Ultimate Slim Sliding Glass Door Systems for Luxury Homes and Businesses

PALM DESERT, Calif., Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Monumental Windows and Doors announces the launch of their newest slim line sliding glass door system, bringing unobscured, monumental views to luxury home and business architects, builders and homeowners. The 5000 Sublinear line uses patent pending reverse rolling technology to offer customers a solution that is robust, easy to use and maintain.

"Our slim line doors with the reverse rolling system," says Mario Hernandez, CEO of Monumental Windows and Doors, "revolutionize the sliding glass door industry with the track integrated into the bottom of the sliding glass panel allowing superior performance. With the increasingly popular barefoot sill systems with multiple panels, the 5000 Sublinear system allows for easy maintenance and superior long-term use for that unbroken monumental view."

The 5000 Series Sublinear System works on the patent-pending principle of a reversed rolling assembly, meaning the track—which would normally be part of the sill assembly—is integrated into the bottom of the sliding panel and the roller cartridges are placed into the sill:

The roller cartridge houses twin polyamide precision rollers that can support approximately 350 lbs each. If necessary, bonus features include that the cartridge is easily serviceable by a single technician without removal of the sliding panel or damage to the surrounding floor. The sill of the 5000 Series Sublinear System is designed to integrate into the flooring without raised tracks and is largely hidden from view.

The frame of the 5000 Series Sublinear System is designed to install flush with interior and exterior finishes. The panels' sill and interlocks both have narrow 7/8" sightlines—all other panel parts can be concealed in the frame. The glass panels are designed with security in mind and to be impact-resistant and accommodate a 1.50" overall glass thickness, which allows greater flexibility for larger sizes. Door heights of up to 15' high with multiple panels are custom designed to architect and builder specifications.

The 5000 Sublinear line offers numerous configurations including Standard Sliding, Pocketing, Vari-Slide, Corners, Custom-Angle and more with single and multiple panels. The sliding Sublinear system also integrates with our Sublinear Pivot door system. An additional bonus in design includes an insect screen cartridge which "disappears" into the locking jamb.

A 6-10 week delivery time for custom-made Monumental Windows and Doors products provides an industry best delivery experience keeping builders, architects, and luxury home buyers on project.

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