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The Vintage Club looking out, JB Finish install

JB Finish

As an aluminum product manufacturer in Palm Desert, California, Monumental Windows and Doors loves to recognize the valued partnerships that help us thrive in our business. For several years now, JB Finish has collaborated with Monumental on a host of luxury real estate projects that draw praise from architects and builders alike. As a family-owned custom finish carpentry company, JB Finish offers services such as decorative moldings, door and bath hardware, and wood ceilings. They prioritize quality in a way that keeps their clients coming back for more. 

We spoke with the team at JB Finish about their experience with Monumental and what it takes to successfully run their business. “We try to target most of our business to high-end, luxury custom homes. It’s been a busy year due to COVID. It seems like a lot of people are moving [to the valley]. There’s a lot of work for us these days,” says JB Finish Manager Jacob Broyles. When asked about the process for finding and retaining clients, he states: “We work hard to establish relationships with customers and builders. We try to really grow and nourish these relationships. We have a handful of builders that we’ve continued to work with for quite some time now.”

JB Finish and Monumental

John Broyles, the owner of JB Finish, made the decision to give Monumental products a try at a time when the brand was still relatively new. Impressed with what he experienced, he later learned that Monumental products were a great alternative to other companies they had worked with in the past. They began to pitch the Monumental brand to some of their other clients. It wasn’t long before Monumental became one of their primary suppliers for aluminum doors and windows. “In the beginning it was about trying to convince our clients that this was a good company. Fast forward a couple of years later and you see Monumental pretty frequently in most of these new homes,” says Broyles.


The Vintage Club looking in, JB Finish install
The Vintage Club looking in, JB Finish install

The Advantages of Working with Monumental

Mutual trust, product quality, and consistency of craftsmanship are a few of the standards that Jacob recognizes when asked about the advantages of working with Monumental. He continues: “Second to that is the quality of customer service that they provide. It’s the willingness to work with you that sets them apart. You can always get someone on the phone relatively quickly to solve a problem. They’re reachable and communicative. I can’t tell you enough how hugely advantageous that is for us.”

Monumental also takes pride in using products that are safe and suitable for the environment. Aluminum materials are used in all of the manufacturing. “From what we’ve seen that’s really been the trend for the past 2-3 years. We’re noticing there’s a lot of advantages to using aluminum windows and doors. That’s what the architects, builders and homeowners are all asking for,” says Jacob.

Trends in Real Estate

As of late, construction in the California area only seems to be growing. The market is demanding bigger homes, which call for bigger projects and more customized needs. Jacob’s take on the changes: “Monumental’s ability to build to the size and height of their Sublinear Sliding Glass Doors to accommodate these custom houses that seem to only be getting bigger is a huge pro. They can match just about any spec for custom homes. These architects are building bigger. They need more materials and more products. That’s so much of what we’re seeing lately.”

With all of the changes taking place in real estate, Monumental hopes to continue to provide uniquely high-quality service to its customers. We asked John Broyles if he sees a future where JB Finish and Monumental will continue to work together to fulfill the expectations of buyers. He states: “Yes. We get excellent service from them. They’re our primary window supplier right now so I have no plans to change.”

Monumental certifies all of its products through the NFRC, ASTM, and AAMA to ensure that we meet energy efficiency standards.

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