Buying Windows and Doors at a Home Depot or Lowe’s vs. a Window and Door Manufacturer

Are your doors or windows looking grimy? Are you building a new-construction home and want your doors and windows to be YOUR vision, not just standard sizes? Are you upgrading your well-loved home with a more custom look? Investing in custom, high-quality, modern exterior doors and windows will have a lasting impact on your home’s look and increase your home’s value. And you can do that far better by buying through a window and door manufacturer vs. heading to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Updating windows and doors is a key investment for homeowners. In addition to improving energy efficiency and protecting your home from the elements, updating doors and windows adds an undeniable custom beauty to your home. Read through our blog to see just a few examples of the work Monumental has done in states including Hawaii, California, and Washington.

Choosing the supplier for your windows and doors can be overwhelming, with decisions for everything from deciding on a design to considering the cost. Many big box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot advertise their large selection and ease of installing doors and windows in their warehouses. But are these stores really a good option for homeowners?

For many homeowners, choosing windows and doors is a huge decision. Exterior doors and windows are an important part of your home’s visual impression and security. They boost curb appeal and provide safety measures. It can be overwhelming to consider both attractive design and safety features for these accessible parts of your home. Making sure you partner with the right window and door manufacturer will add aesthetic value to your home and protect you and your family.

Some homeowners may consider a big box store like Home Depot or Lowe’s to supply their windows and doors due to ease of access, large selection of products, and perceived straightforward design and installation. However, the benefits of consulting and purchasing with a window and door manufacturer can outweigh the perceived ease of using a big box store. Read on to see why a custom window and door manufacturer may be the right choice for you and your home.

What Makes Home Depot or Lowe’s an Attractive Option for Windows and Doors?

Many homeowners turn to the internet when researching new doors and windows. Big box stores advertise many types of doors and windows, and contemporary designs, at an affordable price. Homeowners can view lots of different types of doors and windows all on the same site, and can visualize how they will look in their home. Customer service also appears more easily attainable; employees are right there to answer questions.

When a homeowner is considering purchasing a custom door or window, by definition there are no stock models to browse. The window and door manufacturer will create a unique, customized option that is the perfect fit and style for the perfect home. The showrooms on window and door manufacturer websites are as unique as the homes the doors and windows were designed for.

For many consumers, one benefit of big box stores is the variety of options they have on display in a large warehouse you can walk through. Consumers can walk in, pick a door or window on display, and even schedule an installation consultation right there in one warehouse. 

The big box store has many standard options and sizes to choose from in stock and on the floor, and because big box stores deal in large quantities, they are able to offer a reasonable cost to consumers for a standard product. This option can be quick for the consumer on a budget or tight timeline, as there is less wait time to order materials that are readily available.

However, the wide variety of options does not mean highest quality or a perfect fit for your home. These doors and windows may be an affordable bulk order for the big box store, driven by popularity among consumers or price of materials at the time of order. Though doors and windows from big box stores meet quality standards, they aren’t likely to exceed standards or be particularly updated.

Another potential benefit of a big box store is that they tend to be conveniently located with broad brand awareness. When thinking about upgrading doors and windows, a big box store, perhaps one in your neighborhood, may come to mind first. These stores are recognizable, nearby, and your neighbors use them, too! They are a safe option for picking up home repair or appliance items, and it’s natural to think they would be a safe bet for windows and doors as well.

However, this broad variety and focus on volume can be a drawback of big box stores. They do not specialize in doors and windows. This will impact how the employees of that store can advise you in design, materials, or installation. A window and door manufacturer is specialized. They are experts in doors and windows from the latest trends in design to the highest-quality and best-value materials that work for your home and region.

If you have a small job or a DIY project, a big box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot is a good option. If you are looking for modern, custom design with top-of-the-line materials and expert installation, a window and door manufacturer is the way to go.

Window and Door Manufacturers Elevate Your Home with Custom Design

The biggest benefit of working with a window and door manufacturer is customized and upgraded design for your home. A high-quality window and door manufacturer will not only conduct an installation consultation with you, but will provide you with design, energy efficiency, and modern technology suggestions as well. 

For modern luxury homes, exterior door and window construction may not be standard size. A big box store will not be able to accommodate special sizes or features like opening inward, rotating, or sealing against specific weather conditions. They certainly will not produce doors with sublinear tracking or European-style construction

Using a window and door manufacturer solves that problem. These manufacturers deal specifically in custom design and materials, ensuring that the windows and doors you choose for your home are a perfect fit by design.

Updating exterior windows may seem straightforward. However, there are many variables to consider. These include energy efficiency, climate-appropriate materials, and the latest in installation and design trends. Many homeowners are opting for a timeless design with lasting durability for their exterior modern windows. This is much more easily and effectively accomplished by partnering with a dedicated window and door manufacturer.

Take Advantage of Our Aluminum Construction

Few big box store windows and doors are made with sustainable, thermally broken aluminum in customizable colors and frames. Fewer still meet AND exceed normal energy efficiency standards. Finally, Monumental Windows and Doors products are certified through these three venerated organizations:

  1. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  2. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  3. The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA)  

These three councils are highly respected arbiters of window and door work across the country. We adhere to the highest standards so that we can do what few competitors are able to do: offer the best warranty in the business.

Our Warranty Cannot Be Beaten

One final reason — a big one — clinches the battle between big box stores and custom window and door manufacturers. And that is our lifetime warranty. Not only will our dealers receive far more responsiveness and better customer service, more customization options, and a better quality product . . . they will also get Monumental’s lifetime warranty on every one of our windows and doors. 

Customers at Home Depot and Lowe’s have to depend on the know-how of an individual employee. These folks are often multi-disciplined and spread thin across departments and skill sets. Then, vendors are used for transportation and installation. A minimum of three different teams with low product familiarity and no lifetime warranty. Is it worth the risk?

Monumental is a family-grown, USA-based business where we take pride in everything we do. Every single project receives our feedback and assistance, and our experts are easy to reach. There is no comparison to the big box guys.

Monumental Windows and Doors is one of Southern California’s leading modern window and doors manufacturers. Our luxury windows are built with expert craftsmanship and long-lasting materials. As a result, we can help you bring in ample natural light while boosting your home’s energy efficiency and lowering energy costs. Contact us to learn more about our products and dealers in your area.