2021 Predictions for Home Design Trends

Home interior

In 2020, while dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic, the real estate industry experienced many bouts of uncertainty as the ebb and flow of supply and demand resulted in a shaky market. Now in 2021, houses are getting bigger and development is expanding. People have also been preparing, for a while now, to spend more time at home. In the U.S. alone, market prices are sky-high as buyers seek out more spacious single-family homes.

Because of the recent growth in work from home trends, buyers are discovering that investing more in the features—and quality—of their homes is something that will bring about long-term benefits. And since bigger is officially better, what does this mean for new home design trends currently heating up? We’re taking a look at some of the newest predictions for luxury home ideas and development in 2021 and beyond.

Houses are Getting Bigger, Enhancing Construction and Decor

“Everything is really just getting bigger,” says Monumental Windows and Doors owner Mario Hernandez. Even more specifically: homes are getting taller. Average door and ceiling height is changing. “Whereas a 10- to 12-foot ceiling was the norm at one point, 14 to 15-foot floor-to-ceiling glass is now becoming a more common purchase in luxury U.S. homes,” says Hernandez.

Energy Efficiency for Home Builder Trends

It’s also paying dividends to shift gears in the energy department. Solar panels and electricity generation are en vogue. Many luxury home builders are gravitating toward this trend in hopes that the long-term effects will benefit the lifespan of the home as well as the environment.

Monumental certifies all of its products through the NFRC, ASTM, and AAMA to ensure that we meet energy efficiency standards.

More Luxury Glasswork and Windows

Nice views are definitely in. Expanding outdoor real estate is a part of the new buzz around renovation and increasing amenities. Monumental offers several variations on custom built-to-order windows, including the 4850 Window Wall, manufactured for clean sight lines and design flexibility.

Home Renovation

It is a buyer’s market these days, but there is also another sector of active homeowners who prefer to do some dream renovating on their existing homes. More time at home means more space. Why not knock down a few walls? Or, perhaps it’s time to install a new door that embraces all of these trends at once: environmentally friendly, and bigger and better to take in that gorgeous view.

One of Monumental Windows and Doors’ best-kept secrets is its 5000 series Sublinear Sliding Door System. Inspired by European and California style, this system is the first of its kind in the U.S. Hernandez sought to make this option available in the states by designing his own American-made version that would be more readily available to customers. “This door is more user-friendly, as far as installation goes. We do all of the implementation so that less pressure is put on the installer. We design all of our products, and we do the manufacturing to get you that pristine high-end real estate look and feel,” he says.

Monumental Windows and Doors offers a wide range of products for the luxury home buyer—or builder. Find out more about our options for new home design trends here.