The 4580 Glass Window Wall by Monumental Windows and Doors is a gorgeous way to bring outside views in, and open up your home to the world. This exterior aluminum wall of windows can be steel-reinforced to support large expanses of glass, elevating your home with luxurious California style. 

As the window wall manufacturers of choice for the Coachella Valley, Southern California, Hawaii, Washington, and many other regions of the United States, Monumental wanted to create a product showcasing high-end form, function, and multiple options for custom finishes.

Our 4580 residential Window Wall Systems are manufactured for stout construction and design flexibility. The frame is designed to fully integrate with our products into multiple panel and window wall configurations, maintaining even sight lines and profiles. All corners are fully sealed and mechanically fastened. The interior and exterior gasketing is a compression bulb seal. 

Our large glass walls are supported by thermally broken aluminum framing, ensuring a strong, stable product that will withstand high winds and other inclement weather conditions.

There are endless possibilities for custom finishes and sizing with our glass window wall system. You can select from a variety of colors and features as well.

Read on below to learn more about this highly flexible, durable, and environmentally friendly product from Monumental window manufacturers in southern California. The Monumental team designs and manufactures our products at a family-run facility in Palm Desert, California. Trust us for all of your USA-crafted window and door product needs.

Product Details

Our 4580 Glass Window Wall is produced using thermally broken aluminum for better energy efficiency and beautiful durability. It is a perfect, high-end choice for encompassing expansive views from any level of your home. 




While customized options are available for all Monumental Windows and Doors products, the selections below come standard. It is important to us that the glass window wall you receive fits both the budget and the design aesthetic in your luxury home. 

Concealed Weep

Weep holes are designed to drain water out of your window frame and away from your residence, and are usually found along the bottom of the frame in question. At Monumental we offer the option to build your windows with these vents carefully hidden, creating a sleek window without visible imperfections. Rain is shifted away from the home invisibly and without structural damage.

A glass window wall with a concealed weep is the best way to achieve both style and function in one product.

Frame Finishes

Our frame finishes provide the perfect complement to our quality glass work. The four options below come standard, and we also work with our dealers to provide custom finishes. These provide a high-quality look with excellent resistance to chipping, scratching, fading, and corrosion. It is superior to conventional paint in durability and wear resistance.

Select from four color options:

  • Dark Bronze Anodized (Class 1)
  • Clear Anodized (Class 1)
  • Sky White
  • Desert Tan

Looking for a Monumental difference in your project?